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What is Same Day ACH (SDA)?

Same Day Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments (also known as SDA) are transactions that are electronically sent and processed on the same day. ACH deposits and withdrawals are eligible for Same Day ACH.

SDA transactions will be processed Monday through Friday by the end of business day. Weekends and holidays do not apply.

Not all ACH transactions are processed the same day. To send a same- day ACH transaction, the deposit or withdrawal must be sent by the company to the Federal Reserve Bank by the Same Day ACH cut off time.

If you were expecting a Same Day ACH transaction and have not received it,. RCU will process your Same Day ACH transaction if the Federal Reserve Bank provides it to us. If the originating company did not send it to the Federal Reserve Bank in time, they will assign it the next business/settlement date. Please contact the company sending the transaction so they can determine what they need to do in the future to make the SDA deadline.