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Where can I find my tax information?

You can access your tax statements for your savings or certificate, first mortgage, second mortgage or HELOC accounts in our digital banking platform. For more information, review our article Where can I find my end of the year tax statements in digital banking?

Why haven't I received my Tax Statement?

Please refer to the table below for tax statement information and mailing dates.

Things to note:

Request Copies

If you need copies of your tax statement you have a couple of options:

  • RCU maintains 1099-INT and 1098 documents for two years Online. Log in to Digital Banking under the More menu (three dots), click on Documents and Statements, and select the Tax Forms & Notices tab.
  • If you need copies of prior years' tax documents mailed to you, please contact our Member Services Center.
  • You can also request copies of your tax documents by visiting your local branch.

Mortgage Tax Statement 1098

If your 1098 mortgage tax statement does not appear within Online Banking please contact DMI at 1(866) 669-8615.

Note: Please be sure to review the instructions on the back of the 1098 form for Box 2.

  • Box 2: Shows the outstanding principal on the mortgage as of January 1, 2024. If the mortgage originated in 2024, shows the mortgage principal as of the date of origination. If the recipient/lender acquired the loan in 2024, shows the mortgage principal as of the date of acquisition.

Tax Statement Errors

If your yearend tax statement does not accurately reflect account information as of December 31st, please contact our Member Services Center or visit your local branch, to correct the form.

Tax Statement Estimated Mailing Date Reporting Threshold
1098: Interest paid on Mortgage accounts 01/31/2024 $600 and above
1099-C: Charged off loans and foreclosed property 01/31/2024 None
1099-A: Foreclosed properties 01/31/2024 None
1099-INT: Interest earned on deposit accounts 01/31/2024 $10 and above
1099-R, 1099-SA: 1099Q: IRA, HSA, & Coverdell distributions 01/31/2024 $10 and above
5498: IRA Fair Market Value 01/31/2024 None
5498-ESA: Coverdell Contributions 04/30/2024 None
5498 IRA Contributions 05/31/2024 None
5498-SA: HSA Contributions 05/31/2024 None