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Does RCU support third-party aggregation services such as Mint and Quicken?

RCU does not have an official relationship with third-party account aggregators. Member security is our top priority and when other applications attempt to access a Member’s accounts, it initiates a fraud alert.

Below is a list of the companies/programs we support by allowing their software to link to your Redwood Credit Union account. Direct Connect is not supported.

Third-party aggregation services each have their own way to connect to your Redwood Credit Union account. When you are selecting Redwood as your financial institution, it may be listed as Redwood Credit Union Digital, or just Redwood Credit Union. This will vary by the vendor.

Companies/programs we support:

  • Banktivity (IGGSoftware)
  • Clarity Money (Goldman Sachs®)
  • eMoney® (Fidelity)
  • Fintech
  • Finicity (FICO®)
  • Mint (Intuit®)
  • Paypal® (Yodlee®)
  • Plaid®
  • Qapital
  • Quickbooks (Intuit®)
  • Quovo (Plaid®)
  • Wave (H&R Block®)
  • Yodlee® (Envestnet)

Redwood Credit Union Members can manually download their information directly from digital banking, with the ability to select the correct format for your software. This includes Money OFX, Quicken QFX and QuickBooks QBO formats.

Learn how to export your RCU account information to Quicken, Quickbooks, or a similar program

Note: If you run into issues connecting your service to your Redwood accounts, please contact the 3rd party directly to resolve.

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