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Credit and debit card security

Protect your accounts with advanced security measures

Report security concerns to RCU and keep your information safe.

Credit & Debit Card Security

Redwood Credit Union is committed to safeguarding our Members’ information, and we use a variety of security monitoring systems to help detect and prevent fraud.

Shop with confidence

Your card security can sometimes be compromised when you shop online or make purchases at various locations, including retailers and restaurants.

  • Protecting your personal information is important to us and we respond immediately to reported suspicious card activity.
  • Use RCU’s online banking or mobile app to control your credit card account and freeze your card if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Set text or email account alerts for transactions, so you can be notified if any unauthorized charges occur.
  • Review your account statements and transactions regularly and report any suspicious activity immediately by calling RCU at 1 (800) 479-7928.
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Report lost or stolen cards


To report lost or stolen RCU VISA® debit or credit cards, call 1 (866) 300-8423 (within U.S.) or 1 (707) 545-4000 (outside U.S.).


To report lost or stolen RCU VISA® Business cards, call 1 (844) 491-2997.


You can also use the RCU mobile app or your online banking account to report lost or stolen cards 24/7.

Please note: If you call after RCU is closed, you will be directed to an automated phone system. RCU representatives can’t cancel your Visa® card automatically. You must request and then confirm cancellation.

Report suspected fraud activity


If you suspect fraudulent activity on your RCU card or account, please contact RCU immediately—even after hours at 1 (800) 479-7928.