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Mortgage Calculators

Why a mortgage calculator helps you

The monthly payment for your mortgage loan will likely be the biggest contributor to your cost of living. Whether you live in California or elsewhere, you can use this mortgage calculator to help you determine what you can afford and what type of loan is right for you.

Decide if an ARM is a good fit for you

An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) starts at an initial rate, then changes over time. Redwood Credit Union’s 5/5 ARM can be a great choice if you plan on being in a home for just a few years, or don’t want yearly changes to your monthly payment.

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Find the right length of term for your home loan

A 30-year fixed-rate will lower your monthly payment, but a 15-year fixed rate will reduce the total amount of interest you pay on the loan.

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Ask important questions before deciding

Remember to review all the details and compare several loans before making your decision.

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Monthly Payment
Property Tax: 167
Homeowners Insurance: 100
HOA Fee: 0
Mortgage Insurance: 167
Purchase Amount
Fixed Rate
Term Years
Advanced Options


Amortization calculators – monthly or annual schedule

Don't like surprises? Then take a look at these calculators.

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Home equity line of credit

Determine how large of a line you may be able to receive based on the value of your home.

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Home equity line of credit repayment

Learn how long it could take to pay off your line of credit with this convenient calculator. Determine the adjustments you can make to meet your repayment goals.

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15 vs. 30 Comparison

Determine which mortgage term is best for you.

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Mortgage Loan Comparison

Compare your real costs of different loan options.

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Mortgage Points Calculator

Determine if it makes sense for you to buy down a mortgage using points and how many points make sense.

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Rent vs. Buy

Should you rent or should you buy your home?

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Should I refinance?

Calculate how much interest you can save if you refinance your mortgage.

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Solar loan calculator

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

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