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And That's Why We Partner – Podcast

Episode 3: Alliance Reverse Mortgage

This episode features Ron Kamler, President & CEO of Alliance Reverse Mortgage, and shares stories of Members’ lives who have been changed by reverse mortgages.

Here are some key sections in the podcast:

  • “Did You Know?” (1:56) Some basics about reverse mortgages.
  • “On the Horizon” (8:30) Future focus of Alliance Reverse Mortgage.
  • “In the Spotlight” (10:32) Reverse mortgage success stories.
  • “Connection Corner” (13:17) How can the community engage?

Check out Alliance at

These organizations are special, and it will soon be clear why we’re excited about partnering with them. If you’re inspired, like us, to get involved and help, we encourage you to do so.

And please feel free to share this episode with family, friends, and colleagues—the more connections, the better. Together, we can do great things!