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What You’ll Love About Using a Mobile Wallet

March 28, 2022


You use your mobile device for nearly everything. Now you can use it to make everyday purchases. A mobile wallet is an app on your mobile device that stores payment information so you can use the device to make purchases. Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you can use your favorite RCU Visa® debit and credit cards in a faster and more secure method.

It’s only natural to feel a little wary when trying something new, so we’d like to put your mind at ease by sharing some key benefits of going mobile:

Convenience – The next time you leave your card at home, or you’re online shopping and your wallet’s not handy, you have convenience and peace of mind with 24/7 access to your cards digitally right on your mobile device.

Rewards – Mobile credit card payments function just like regular cards. If your card is compatible with the payment reader, you’ll continue to earn your usual rewards.

Touch-free – Looking for ways to reduce the amount of physical contact you have with potentially contaminated surfaces? By using a mobile wallet, you reduce the need to touch things other than your phone.

Safer shopping – Mobile wallets offer better security than swiping your physical debit or credit cards. With your mobile wallet, every single transaction is encrypted, which means your card number and PIN are never transferred or stored with the merchant, so they’re less likely to be compromised.

Time savings – No need to dig through your wallet and type in card numbers when shopping online. Now, you can just quickly hold your phone over the checkout terminal or select the mobile wallet option online and voilà!

Tap into the convenience of going digital. Set up your mobile wallet.