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Giving you a way to give back

Use your RCU Visa® cards to make a difference in kids' lives.

Every time you use your card, we donate

With every RCU Visa® credit or debit card purchase made by Members from Marin county, we make a donation to SchoolsRule-Marin, a local organization that improves education for every student in Marin County. So far, we’ve donated nearly $400,000!

By using your RCU credit and debit cards wherever you shop, you continue to support students in Marin County. Don’t have an RCU credit card? Apply for a credit card now.

What is SchoolsRule-Marin?

SchoolsRule-Marin is a coalition of 20 school foundations that help fund literacy, technology, and art programs for every public school student in Marin County. To learn more visit

And That's Why We Partner – Ep 1: SchoolsRule Marin

  • RCU will donate $0.01 to SchoolsRule-Marin for every card transaction performed by RCU Members with account mailing addresses in Marin County. Program details are effective as of December 5, 2023 and are subject to change. Purchases with an RCU card are not tax deductible.