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RCU Internal Careers

It's not work when you love your job

Our Mission

Passionately serve the best interest of our Members, our team, and communities

Our Values

Lead with heart and empathy

Act with Integrity

Serve with Passion

Build Meaningful Relationships

Pursue Excellence

Inspire the Heart

Our Vision

Be the financial service leader for the communities we serve by helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

Assistant Manager Talent Acquisition

Tips from Nina Schlatter:

+ Ensure that you have discussed your interest in applying with your current manager.

+ Showcase your work experience, skills and talents that align with the job description.

+ Be yourself. Enjoy meeting the RCU team, as we are excited to meet you. Read up on the STAR Interview Method and prepare to answer questions using this format. We love stories!

+ Tailor your resume to fit the position you're seeking and include goals you've achieved.

+Before submitting your resume, take the time to audit for spelling and grammatical errors.

+Resumes should be in chronological order with your most recent position/role/company at the top with accurate dates of employment listed.

+Include special skills, languages, certifications, software knowledge or specific training to showcase your talents.

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