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Home ownership is knocking

Answer with a TIC loan from RCU

TIC Loan Overview

Housing in the San Francisco area is highly sought after, and the market continues to be competitive. With these conditions in mind, it’s a great time to find your perfect unit in a TIC (Tenants in Common) building – and finance it with an affordable TIC loan from Redwood Credit Union.

What is a Tenants in Common (TIC) Loan?

TICs are typically multi-unit buildings, like larger homes divided for multiple tenants, that are operated under a TIC agreement – a contract that allows a person to own a percentage of the title with “exclusive rights” to a particular unit and often other amenities, like parking, outbuildings, and yard space. This agreement also details house rules and restrictions.

Although the unit is owned by multiple people, it appears as one unit on records, making it more affordable than condos. Plus, unlike financing a loan for a condo, you own a portion of the entire building – not just your residence within the building.


As a full-service financial institution, Redwood Credit Union is one of the few institutions in the Bay Area providing TIC loans. For Members interested in this type of ownership opportunity, RCU offers:

Low down payment

Put as little as 20% down, as opposed to the typical 25%

Quick process

We’ll close your loan in about 30 days, instead of the industry standard of 45

Flexible financing options

Buy up/buy down rate options 5-7 years, amortizing up to 30 years

We know unique ownership opportunities call for unique loan types, and we’re here to fund your every need.