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Ditch the Paper in 2022

December 7, 2021

Ditch the paper in 2022
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Each new year provides an opportunity for new beginnings. If you’ve been considering ways to declutter, resolve to go paperless in 2022. If you haven’t already gone digital, here are some reasons to give paper-free solutions a closer look.

More Secure

When you have printed materials containing your financial information, the information is open to possible theft. This can happen in transit or where they’re stored—whether at home, in your car, mailbox, or filed away. By signing up for eStatements you can save them securely online, password protected.

Be Mobile

Keep track of your accounts and manage funds from anywhere. With the RCU mobile app, you can get secure access to your financial information right from your mobile device. Deposit checks from anywhere, locate ATMs near you, make loan payments, view account balances—you name it!

Save Money

RCU’s Bill Pay system leverages electronic payments when available and decreases the number of check payments mailed. It’s fast and simple to use. You can also enroll in electronic paperless statements that are available for most billers. Set up payments for your bills with RCU Bill Pay so they’re paid automatically and on time.

Reduce Pollution

Paper production causes deforestation, uses enormous amounts of energy and water, and contributes to air pollution and waste problems. Fewer paper statements mean less paper waste and trees being utilized for something that will ultimately be tossed. Go digital for the environment!

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