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Considering Insurance as You Approach College Graduation

Insurance 101 - Things to Consider Post-Graduation

Graduation is just around the corner for millions of college students, and for many, that means it's time to leave the carefree college life and get ready to enter the real world. But are you prepared for what will happen once the cap and gown come off? College might have taught you about pulling all-nighters and planning road trips, but has it helped you figure out how to pay off your college loans or find the right insurance? Here are some tips to protect yourself and your assets as you make the transition from college student to working professional.

Check with your family's health insurance provider to see if you are still covered on that policy. As a recent college graduate, you may not be eligible for coverage as a dependent. It might be time to shop for your own policy; you want to be covered in an emergency.

Moving into a new apartment? Consider renter's insurance to protect your new diploma and other valuables you worked so hard for. It's relatively inexpensive protection, no matter how much stuff you do or don't yet have.

Landed your first real job? Know the right questions to ask about a company's health insurance plan. No matter how reputable the company, there may be a significant waiting period until you are eligible for coverage.

Moving back home or to a new city? It's a good time to re-evaluate your auto insurance policies. A new location can affect your auto insurance costs.

When looking for insurance, comparison shop for the best deal. Prices for similar coverage can vary widely from company to company.