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How do I use alerts in RCU online banking?

Our Alerts serve as a timely reminder of what’s happening with your accounts. Log in to RCU Online Banking and click on the "Alerts" tab. You can choose to edit an existing alert, add a new alert and view the alert history.

Alerts > Edit

Edit Alerts (Default Alerts)

RCU has created a number of sample alerts that you can choose to use. The default alerts were selected specifically to provide you with information that helps protect you and your account.

To view your current alerts click on the "Alerts" tab and choose "Edit". You can enable and modify alerts by clicking the "Edit this Alert" option under the Actions column or by clicking on the alert.

All Alerts > Default. You can Edit an allert, Show Recent Alerts and Delete an Alert.

Review the Alert Details and adjust the settings as needed. Be sure to choose the account you would like the alert set up under. Also choose the delivery option.

Edit Balance Alert - Alert Details

Next, scroll down to the Send Alert To section and set your notification preferences. You can choose to have the alert sent to your email address or, if you have the number set in your Profile, a text sent to your mobile phone:

Send Alert To. Choose Email or Text.

When finished, click "Save".

Add New Alert

To set up a new alert, under the "Alerts" menu choose "Add". Or you can choose "Add Alert" on the edit All Alerts page.

  • Add Alerts Menu:
    Alerts Menu with Add slected.
  • All Alerts Page:
    Select "Add Alerts" on the alerts page.

Choose an alert type. The current alert types are Balance, Transaction, Account, Sign In and Message.

Setup a new Alert. Choose an Alert Type: Balance, Transaction, Account, Sign In, Message

On the next screen, name the alert and set the alert conditions, frequency and account.

Example of Transaction Alert:

Alert Details - Add Transaction Alert

Next, scroll down and set your notification preferences. You can choose to have the alert sent to your email address or a text sent to your mobile phone:

Alert Details Send To Information

When finished, click "Save".

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