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How do I know if a cashier’s check is real?

One way Fraudsters attempt to ease your concerns about a fraudulent scheme is to mail you a Cashier’s Check. We have all come to trust these checks as being reliable yet the Fraudsters have become very good at counterfeiting these items or altering stolen cashier’s checks. 

These items are often presented under the following circumstances:

  1. As payment for something you are selling.
  2. As payment for work that has been promised to you.
  3. As lottery winnings.
  4. As part of a loan or advance.
  5. In connection with a roommate who hasn’t moved in yet.
  6. From someone who is pursuing a romantic relationship with you and needs to get funds to you for a variety of reasons.

While this list does not encompass all of the reasons our Members are sent funds from Fraudsters, there is one common theme among them. In each case, the Fraudster needs to get the cash from you which means that they will be asking you to either send or wire the cash to them. They may ask for all or part of the proceeds leaving you with a loss when the check that was deposited into your account is returned as a counterfeit by the paying bank.

If you receive a cashier’s check from someone with whom you have never transacted business, do not deposit it into your account via the ATM or Mobile Deposit. Please bring the item to the paying bank or into one of our branches so that we can scrutinize the item for you.

Visit our Security Center to learn more about fraud, with information about the latest scams, how we ensure your privacy and how you can take an active role in safeguarding your information!