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Mobile deposit troubleshooting and tips

You can easily deposit checks through our mobile app anytime, anywhere, but there are settings and conditions on some devices that can sometimes yield unexpected results. Here are some troubleshooting tips for our mobile deposit feature that we hope will help.

Username and password

Mobile deposit uses the login information from your online banking. Use the same username and password to log in to the mobile app, and select Deposit Checks.

Signal strength and WiFi

Signal strength plays a big part of accessing any mobile app, and is especially important when using mobile deposit. Ensure you have a strong signal; otherwise your transaction may not go through.

If the app closes unexpectedly at any point, we recommend checking the signal strength that is currently available to the device. If your WiFi signal is low, your cellular data may have a stronger signal. (Normal cellular data rates apply. Please check with your carrier before using.)

Access to mobile deposit

The mobile app requires access to your photos when making mobile deposits. Mobile deposit takes a picture of the front and back of your check to be sent to our servers and deposited. The two pictures that are taken are stored temporarily in the photos folder on your device. They are not saved to your device, and we have no access to view other photos in your device’s photos folder.

If the app closes unexpectedly, we recommend checking the permissions to your photos folder in the settings of your phone.

Phone photo storage

Along with having access to temporarily store the photos on your smart device, your device must also have enough room to store those photos. Depending on how much storage space is already being used, there may not be room to store the two pictures for the mobile deposit to complete. We recommend checking the amount of storage available on your device, ensuring that it is not close to the storage capacity.

Mobile deposit tips and best practices

For the best user experience, and to prevent a deposit from being reversed, follow these guidelines:

  • Before depositing, review the check to confirm the following:
    • Ensure it is payable to someone on the account you’re depositing it to.
    • Endorse the check and mark the box for mobile deposit if present on the back of the check. If it is made payable to two or more people, everyone must endorse the back of the check and be on the account it is being deposited.
    • Date, written dollar amount, and signature are all needed for a successful deposit.
  • Take photos of checks in a well-lit area.
  • Place check on a clean, flat, dark, and plain surface.
  • Hold the phone horizontal to the check, so the check fits in the guides of the camera without distortion.
  • Do not use flash and ensure there is no glare on the image, once taken.
  • Review the image and confirm it's legible. The numbers on the bottom of the check (the MICR line showing the routing and account number) must be clear.
  • Once you have confirmed your mobile deposit is complete, write the date on the back of the check where you endorsed it. Securely destroy the check after 7 days.

For mobile deposit terms and conditions, click here.