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CU Realty/HomeAdvantage FAQs

Who is CU Realty?

CU Realty Services is a real estate services “CUSO” (Credit Union Service Organization), specializing in helping credit unions by providing real estate resources that members need to search, buy, sell and save. These services are part of their HomeAdvantageTM program

How does the HomeAdvantageTM program work?

To participate in HomeAdvantage, you must first register for the program at or by calling CU Realty at 800-203-9014 and select Option 1.  Once registered, you can use HomeAdvantage for the following services:

  1. Search for a home: with convenient online access to 100% updated MLS listings
  2. Connect to a Real Estate Agent: via a hand-picked network of experienced agents
  3. Research neighborhoods: with details on schools, demographics and more!
  4. Earn a rebate: via the CU Realty network of Real Estate Agents – who agree to give 20% of their commission back to the Member in the form closing credits or a check after closing.

Is this type of rebate program legal in California?

Yes. The Department of Justice’s website provides additional details on real estate rebate programs in California:

Does Redwood Credit Union receive additional compensation from CU Realty or the HomeAdvantage program?

No. There is no additional compensation paid to RCU for offering our Members this free service. Rebates are paid from CU Realty through the HomeAdvantage program; RCU has no involvement in the rebate process.

How do I register for the Program?

There are 3 ways for a Member to register and there is no obligation.

  1. Online: via the HomeAdvantage website at
  2. Phone: CU Realty at 800-203-9014; select Option 1
  3. RCU Employee: Ask your branch representative about HomeAdvantage.

Will CU Realty call or email me after I am registered for HomeAdvantage?

CU Realty will send a welcome email and follow up with a phone call to the Member after registration. After that, all communication is handled via email.

How do I get referred to a Real Estate Agent?

After you’ve registered, select one of the 3 options below:

1)     Online:, click on “Find an Agent” to search and select an agent.

2)     Phone: 800-203-9014, select option 1 and request a recommendation from CU Realty.

3)     RCU Employee: An RCU representative can refer a Realtor online as well.

What if I am not ready for a referral to the Real Estate Agent yet but would like to register for the HomeAdvantage program now?

That’s perfectly OK too! Registration is free and there is no obligation. Many home buyers take 18 months or more to complete a buy or sell transaction.

How do I qualify for a rebate?

Rebates are available to any Member who registers for the program and uses a Real Estate Agent from the HomeAdvantage network to buy a home, sell a home, or both. It is important to note: even if you are registered through HomeAdvantage, the rebate does not apply if you choose a real estate agent outside the HomeAdvantage network.