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Instant Deposit Access - Mobile Deposit

Check deposits may be held to allow time for funds to clear, providing some protection for the account holder and the Credit Union from the cost of returned checks. A hold on a check is placed if the account is open for less than 30 days or based on your Instant Deposit Access threshold. You can check your Instant Deposit Access amount through RCU Online banking or the RCU mobile app. The expiration of the hold date does not ensure that the deposited item has cleared, and Members would continue to be responsible for the return of any deposited items into their accounts.

Instant Deposit Access

You can check your Instant Deposit Access within RCU online banking by going to Accounts menu and select Instant Deposit Access.

Instant Deposit Access menu

Your Instant Deposit Access amount is the amount of your day's deposit that will generally be made immediately available to you. For your convenience this Instant Deposit Access applies to deposits made via the mobile app, at any RCU or CO-OP ATM, and in branches.

Deposit amounts that exceed this limit may be placed on hold. Your Instant Deposit Access limit is based on account history and may change daily. All deposits are subject to RCU's Funds Availability Policy

Please note that availability does not guarantee that a check is legitimate or has been paid by the payor.

Instant Deposit Access page

To view your Instant Deposit Access limit in the RCU mobile app, select Deposit Checks. The Instant Deposit Access Limit is listed below the Amount field. To view more information, click on the question mark icon next to the access limit amount. See the screen shots below for the location.

Mobile App Deposit Checks navigation Deposit Checks detail page in mobile. Instant Deposit Access Information

Review Account Holds

Most holds are either on deposited checks or merchant holds for pending transactions. You may see what funds are on hold in RCU Online banking by clicking the "Holds" icon in the Account Summary section. You can also view holds within the RCU Mobile app under the Transaction History under Current Holds.

Online Banking Account Summary

Account Summary with example of pending holds

Mobile App Transaction History

RCU Mobile App Transaction History