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How do I transfer money to my RCU account using my California EDD Debit Card for Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave, and Unemployment Insurance claims?

The EDD (Employment Development Department) issues benefit payments for disability insurance, paid family leave, and unemployment Insurance claims using the EDD Visa debit card. Once your first benefit payment is issued, Bank of America will mail your card and additional information within five days. If you have a debit card from a previous EDD claim that is still active, you will not have to wait for a new card. You will have immediate access to your first benefit payment on your existing card.You can transfer funds to the financial institution of your choice at no additional cost. Below we have listed some helpful information about how to setup your RCU account as a direct deposit transfer account.

For more information please visit the EDD website:

Setting up Direct Deposit Transfer-To Account

Log in to your EDD card account ( Once you are logged in, go to the My Money menu and select Transfers.

Transfers Menu

Scroll down and select Add Transfer-To Account. You will need your RCU account number and routing number. As you go through the steps, confirm the information is correct and submit the information. You can choose to do one-time or recurring transfers.Transfers may take up to 1-3 business days.You can transfer the full amount or partial amount.

EDD Card Transfer page

For more information about EDD card fees:

What is my account number?

Online Banking: Direct Deposit Info

You can find your 14-digit account numbers by logging in to Online Banking. Under your Account Summary click on the "Direct Deposit Info" link above your listed accounts.

Deposit Accoutns  - Direct Deposit Info Link

The "Direct Deposit Info" summary will display the RCU Routing (ABA) number 321177586 and your 14-digit account numbers.

Direct Deposit Info - Show Account Number Page

Mobile Banking: Deposit Accounts

You can find your 14-digit account numbers by opening the RCU Mobile app. Under your Account Summary click on the "+" link next to Deposit Accounts above your listed accounts.

Show Accoun Number Link next to Deposit Accounts

The "Deposit Accounts" summary will display the RCU Routing (ABA) number and your 14-digit account numbers.

Account Number display in the mobile app

Printed Check

You can also find your checking account number listed in the second string of numbers printed along the bottom of your checks.

Check Image

What is Redwood Credit Union's routing and transit (ABA) number?

Redwood Credit Union's routing number is 321177586. This number applies to all RCU branches and locations, as well as all account types, including Savings, Checking and Investment accounts.