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Bill Pay: How To Submit A Research Request

How To Submit A Research Request

General Information:

When an electronic Bill Pay payment is sent and the Payee does not apply it to your account or correctly, you may need to submit a research request for assistance to get issue resolved.

Note: Research request is only available for electronic payments. Check payments that are not received may need a stop payment so you can reissue the payment to the payee. 

Steps – How to submit a research request

From the "Bill Pay Dashboard" under the calendar, select the payment in question by clicking the arrow to open the payment details.


From the payment details screen you will see the details of the payment including payment amount, date of delivery. At the bottom of this screen you will click on "Request Research"


Select reason for research and details requested. Once complete click "Continue".


You will receive confirmation of request and the turnaround time for a status update.


At times the payee may need additional information or request a conference call to resolve the missing payment. If this is required by the Payee you will be contacted. Some research requests can take up to 10 business days depending on the Payee.