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Automatic Loan Payments

Authorizing Redwood Credit Union to transfer your loan payment automatically is a convenient and worry-free way to ensure that, as long as there are funds available in the specified account, your payment is made on time, every time.

Automatic loan payments to your consumer loan (auto, recreational vehicle, signature, share secured loan) can be made from any RCU savings, checking, or money market account.  Just contact an RCU representative either in-branch or at our Member Service Center!

Want to pay that consumer loan at RCU automatically from your account at another institution? Go online and use our External transfer service, come in or call to get the ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Origination form so that we can assist you in getting that inter-institution transfer in place within 35 days!

Through Visa Autopay, you can set up your RCU Visa to be paid automatically from your RCU account or from your account at another institution!  There are 3 convenient payment options to best suit your needs:

  • Minimum payment due according to your monthly statement
  • Fixed payment amount
  • Balance in full according to your monthly statement

The simple form to get this going can be obtained by visiting your favorite RCU branch, calling our Member Service Center or you can print it out and bring or send it in.

Do you have a mortgage with RCU that you'd like paid automatically? Contact an RCU representative or download the simple and quick paperwork to get this monthly bill off of your shoulders!

Online Banking Scheduled Loan Payments

You can also setup and manage recurring payments within online banking. Please review the articles listed below for more information.