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What is EMV, and how does it affect me?

Short for “Europay, Mastercard and Visa,” EMV is a computer chip embedded in payment cards. The chip provides an additional layer of identity and account protection during transactions at compatible point-of-sale systems. Chip cards are inserted, not swiped, and remain in the point-of-sale device during the transaction.

EMV chip technology is already widely used in other countries, and will become the U.S. standard.

Merchants (retailers and restaurants) are continuing to convert to the new EMV transaction process. As chip cards become the norm and as merchants convert the time to process transactions will decrease.

In 2015, RCU began issuing EMV chip cards to all of our cardholders, which means enhanced security for you. Your new chip-enabled RCU cards will still work on older card-swipe systems, and will also work on newer EMV systems.

All of RCU's credit cards are EMV, chip-enabled!

Beginning in September 2015, RCU began issuing EMV debit cards. Throughout the first half of 2016 RCU re-issued all debit cards as chip cards to all of our debit cardholders. As a result, all of RCU's debit cards are chip enabled! 

If you have misplaced or not received your chip enabled debit card please contact our Member Service Center to receive a new chip card.

What should Members do when they receive their new chip-enabled debit card?

  • Activate it immediately! Cards can be activated from your mobile device, by logging into online banking or by calling the number on the card.
  • Update card information anyplace your card is stored for recurring purchases/transactions such as gym memberships, Amazon, etc.

More information on how to use your EMV chip enabled card