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How do I get off your mailing and/or email list?

If you are a Member and would like to be removed from marketing mailings, you can request this at any RCU branch or by calling our Member Service Center at 1 (800) 479-7928 (option 3, 6). You can also send a secure message within your online banking account.

If you are not a Member, your name was probably included in a list we purchased for limited use – we do this from time to time to share our current promotions and information about RCU with potential new Members. To request that your name be removed from these general mailing lists, please contact the Data and  Marketing Association (DMA) at They can remove your information from general mailing lists for 10 years for a $2 processing fee. 

The DMA’s website contains a wealth of educational information about how to reduce “junk” mail, remove telephone numbers from calling lists, remove deceased persons from mailing lists, reduce unwanted e-mails and more. For privacy reasons, you must contact the DMA directly to remove yourself from mailing lists. Redwood Credit Union cannot request services on your behalf.